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My Fall Winter Collection

We have seen how vulnerable the entire world is, we have seen the positive impact of the shutdown period on global ecology, our awareness for social and environmental sustainability has skyrocketed.

On the other hand, we are living an unprecedented financial crisis, and we are more careful about spending money.

As a designer, I see this as a strong creativity trigger and it made me change my approach to millinery.

For my F/W 2020/21 collection I tried to create hats and headpieces that are both special and affordable, taking inspiration from my very favorite Bertold Brecht opera, that begins like this:

""You are about to hear an opera for beggars. Since this opera was conceived with a splendor only a beggar could imagine, and since it had to be so cheap even a beggar could afford it, it is called

The Three Penny Opera.""

My goal was to keep the quality very high and the costs as low as possible, so I used all the materials I had in stock, like felt and fur capelines, precious wool and velvet fabrics, many vintage clothes and a whole lot of trimmings, beads and parts of costume jewels I had bought over the years, always with the idea to recycle as much as possible. I kept my purchases to a minimum.

The only new materials I’m introducing this year are eco-leather and faux fur. I’ve found an amazing quality of these fabrics, they feel as soft as real, and I love the environment friendly aspect!

Please, welcome and enjoy JCN F/W 2020/21 Collection: The Three Penny Collection.

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