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Mercato Monti - from Nov. 30, 2019

I very much look forward to seeing you at Mercato Monti! I usually sell my hats online, so it's really great for me to be there in person, have the opportunity to advice on the most suitable models for you, to suggest the best way to wear it and to simply chat with you!

I've been at Mercato Monti twice over the past years and everybody had a lot of fun!

Some of the people I met in those occasions have become regular customers and I hope to see you all again, I'll be there all weekends in December starting on November 30.

Here are some pictures of the previous events at Mercato Monti.

See you soon!

Mercato Monti - Via Leonina 46 - 00184 Rome

Open from 10.00am to 8.00pm every Saturday and Sunday

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